February 2, 2024—The Miller Art Museum will reveal a new exhibition on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, titled 'CREATIVE POWER,' presented in collaboration with ARTS for ALL Wisconsin. The exhibit follows 'Charles L. Peterson in the Permanent Collection,' which features 19 works by the nationally recognized maritime artist Charles L. Peterson (1927 - 2022). The final day to view the work of Peterson is Monday, February 12; museum hours are 10am – 7pm. 

'CREATIVE POWER' is a traveling exhibition that provides public recognition of hundreds for individuals in the State of Wisconsin with disabilities each year. The work, comprised of a variety of media, seeks to center the creative expressions, experiences, and perspectives of artists living and working throughout the state, generating public awareness of disability and providing a critical representation of disabled voices. ArtsforAll image

“We share the work of artists because we believe that art is a universal and essential language that challenges people to respond to the world, look beyond themselves, and celebrate diversity by building bridges between people, across cultures, and through generations. We also believe that art can be a tool for healing,” writes ARTS for ALL Wisconsin.

'CREATIVE POWER' is developed and administered by ARTS for ALL Wisconsin (AFA), a nonprofit founded in 1985 dedicated to expanding the capabilities, confidence, and quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through the arts. The collection comprises artwork selected annually from AFA’s CREATIVE POWER call for art. The artists range in age from youth to adult who experience a variety of physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. Each award-winning work included in the collection spends three years traveling throughout the state.

“Representation for people of all abilities is critically important, says Helen del Guidice, curator. “The Miller Art Museum is committed to providing a platform for all artists, ensuring these very unique and vibrant voices are seen by our communities in NE Wisconsin.”

The exhibition will be on view on the Ruth Morton Miller Mezzanine through April 6, 2024.

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