Alumni Exchange: High School Student

Programming geared specifically toward students who are interested in or will be pursuing postsecondary education in the visual arts. Peninsula High School students ages 15 and up who have participated in the annual student exhibition- the Salon of Door County High School Art- are eligible to become members of the Alumni Exchnage! As SoHSA alumni, the Exchange offers art students opportunities to build relationships with fellow student artists and creative peers, access to free tools and resources to build or enhance a college application, opportunities to expand individual artistic skillsets, participation in special events, and more. 

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Building Your Experience:

  • Museum Internship Opportunities
  • Community Service Hours
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Portfolio Preparation and Review
  • Critiques

Developing Creative Connections:

  • Open Studio Days at M3
  • Teen Art Council Participation
  • Online Alumni Forum
  • Special Social Events
  • Group Studio Visits

Expanding Artistic Skillsets:

  • Mentorship Program
  • "The Business of Art" Career-Building Resources
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